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The mission of the EDRM Metrics Project is to provide an effective means of measuring the time, money and volumes associated with e-discovery activities.

In addition, the Metrics model group is responsible for creating tracking, reporting and measurement protocols to assess e-discovery activities, and, to the extent metrics data becomes available, begin analysis of that data.

The Metrics project follows the e-discovery process described in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model: identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, analysis, and production, as well as the overarching project management activities that are in inherent part of any e-discovery undertaking.

EDRM Metrics Model
EDRM Metrics Case Study
UTBMS eDiscovery Code Set

The Metrics Model

The Metrics Model is available to corporations, law firms and legal departments, industry associations and other parties as a tool for communicating with, and to, e-discovery process stakeholders on how the metrics codes relate to the e-discovery process, and how information, activities, and outcomes, may be measured. The model relates the metric types, aspects, and EDRM phases to the UTBMS Code Set developed exclusively for e-discovery purposes. It can help e-discovery participants understand the various elements, tasks, and activities of projects, and how they combine to use resources and funds. Understanding the Metrics Model can contribute to effective and timely decision-making at all phases of an e-discovery project, ensure the effective deployment of resources and assist in managing and controlling cost and risk.

The Metrics Model is unique in that it provides a visual representation of the inter-relationships and dependencies among tasks and activities across the EDRM framework, identifying what can be measured and how, and by whom.

EDRM encourages you to use the diagram to facilitate better cooperation, cross-functional processes and better project management of e-discovery matters and projects at your company or for your constituencies.

EDRM Metrics ModelThis Model helps people develop a visual sense of how the metrics codes relate to the e-discovery process and how information may be measured.

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