XML Compliance

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The EDRM XML compliance process is as follows:

  1. From the Downloads tab on this page, download the XSD file, the test data set, the validation tool and the documentation
  2. Prepare a load file and run it through the validation tool
  3. Demonstrate the ability to import EDML XML (validated with compliance data set):
    1. Send a screenshot of the EDRM XML import user interface for your product, basically showing how the user selects an EDRM XML file for import/processing
    2. Send a screenshot that shows that the EDRM XML import successfully completed with no errors
  4. Demonstrate the ability to export EDRM XML (validated with EDRM validation tool): Submit a copy of an EDRM-compliant XML export file generated from your system, along with a screenshot showing that it has successfully been parsed by the validation tool (i.e. shows a green check mark)
  5. Please send the results of 1 (import) and/or 2 (export) as is appropriate to George Socha and Tom Gelbmann at mail@edrm.net for approval of the compliance and posting to the EDRM site.
Import CompliantOrganizationWebsiteService/SoftwareExport Compliant
Attenex Corporationwww.attenex.comExport Compliant
Import CompliantAutonomy ZANTAZwww.zantaz.comExport Compliant
Import CompliantCaseCentral, Inc.www.casecentral.com
Import CompliantClearwell Systemswww.clearwellsystems.comExport Compliant
Import CompliantCompiled Serviceswww.compiledservices.comReadySuiteExport Compliant
CT Summationwww.ctsummation.comCT Summation Discovery Cracker
Import CompliantCT Summationwww.ctsummation.comCT Summation Enterprise
Import CompliantCT Summationwww.ctsummation.com
Import CompliantDaegiswww.daegis.comDocHunterExport Compliant
Daticon LLCwww.daticon.comDativisionExport Compliant
Daticon LLCwww.daticon.comInvenioExport Compliant
Daticon LLCwww.daticon.comVirtual PartnerExport Compliant
Dellwww.dell.comExport Compliant
eMag Solutions, LLCwww.emaglink.comExport Compliant
EMC Corporationwww.emc.com/products/family/emc-sourceone-e-discovery-family.htmEMC SourceOne Discovery ManagerExport Compliant
Fios, Inc.www.fiosinc.comExport Compliant
Focus Solutionswww.focussolutions.comExport Compliant
Guidance Software, Inc.www.guidancesoftware.comEnCase eDiscoveryExport Compliant
Import Complianti365, A Seagate Companywww.i365.comExport Compliant
IBM eDiscoverywww.ibm.com/software/data/content-management/ediscovery.htmlIBM eDiscovery ManagerExport Compliant
IBM eDiscoverywww.ibm.com/software/data/content-management/ediscovery.htmlInfoSphere eDiscoveryExport Compliant
Import CompliantiCONECT Development, LLCwww.iconect.comExport Compliant
Import CompliantMeridian Discovery, LLCwww.meridiandiscovery.comMeridian DiscoveryExport Compliant
Microsoft Corporationwww.microsoft.comMicrosoft SharePoint, Exchange and Lync 2013Export Compliant
Mobile Mandatewww.mobilemandate.comMessageExportExport Compliant
Nuixwww.nuix.comNuixExport Compliant
Import CompliantONSITE3www.onsite3.comExport Compliant
Import CompliantRecommindwww.recommind.comAxcelerateExport Compliant
Import CompliantRecommindwww.recommind.comInsite Legal HoldExport Compliant
Import CompliantRecommindwww.recommind.comMindserver LegalExport Compliant
Reed Technology and Information Services Inc.http://www.reedarchives.com/Reed Technology Web ArchivingExport Compliant
StoredIQwww.storediq.comStoredIQ Intelligent Information Management PlatformExport Compliant
Import CompliantStratify, Inc.www.stratify.comExport Compliant
ZL Technologies, Inc.www.zlti.comUnified ArchiveExport Compliant
ZyLAB Distribution BVwww.zylab.comZyLABExport Compliant