EDRM File Format Data Set

Contents (17.6 MB):

  • Readme.txt
  • EDRM_Data-Set_File-Formats_1-0_Manifest.xls
  • “data-set” folder containing 158 folders with 381 files

The EDRM File Format Data Set consists of 381 files covering 200 file formats.

The files types include:

Adobe Photoshop Mac WordPerfect PFS: Plan
Ami Draw Mac Works Post Script
Corel Draw MacPaint Q&A Database
Corel Presentations MacWrite Q&A Write
dBASE Micrografax Designer Quattro Pro
First Choice DB, SS, WP Microsoft Access Reflex
Freelance Microsoft Excel Smart Spreadsheet
Harvard Graphics Microsoft PowerPoint ShartWare II
Gem File Microsoft Project StarOffice Calc
Gem Image Microsoft PST StarOffice Impress
IBM DCA/RFT Microsoft Visio StarOffice Writer
IBM DisplayWrite Microsoft Win Metafile SuperCalc
IBM Graphics Data Format Microsoft Word Symphony
IBM Picture Interchange Microsoft Works Targa
IBM Writing Assistant MultiMate Total Word
IGES Drawing Mutipage vCard
Kodak Photo CD Multiplan Volkswriter
Lotus 1-2-3 OfficeWriter VP Planner
Lotus Manuscript Paintbrush Wang IWP
Lotus PIC Paint Shop Pro WordPerfect
Lotus Screen Snapshot Paradox Word Star
Mac PowerPoint PDF XyWrite
Mac Word PerfectWorks for Windows
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